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eve_tv's Journal

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EVE TV is a bold new concept in the world of online gaming. It delivers high quality streaming video directly to the player, bringing coverage of in-game events, current news, announcements, as well as interviews with Developers and Players.

It was first seen in the summer of 2006, when it broadcast the entire Second Alliance Tournament live from CCP HQ in Iceland. Every single fight had expert commentary and in-depth studio analysis with a panel of experts and daily guests. Similar in delivery to a sports broadcast, EVE TV's first outing saw six days of televised battles where team after team were eliminated, culminating with the Tournament Finale where BoB defeated ASCN to go on and win a Caldari Mothership - a Wyvern.

Peaking at over ten thousand viewers, with a total of well over fifty thousand turning in over the two weekends, EVE TV's coverage of the Tournament received a lot of attention. Featured on hundreds of sites across the Internet, including Slashdot and Penny Arcade, it drew glowing praised from media, fans, and professionals alike.

EVE TV is back. In Iceland for both the Fanfest 2006 and the Third Alliance Tournament, it's set to cover both events and bring them all directly to you.

Fanfest 2006

Fanfest has happened, and a great time was had by all. Players and Devs alike were caught on camera in various stages of inebriation, sometimes offering fantastic insight, other times confusing everyone. EVETV was filming throughout the entire event, Interviewing players on the first day, filming round tables and tournaments on the second, and broadcasting the final day live.

We are editing frantically as you read this, to bring you every second of footage in-between fights in the upcoming tournament in December.

The Third Alliance Tournament

Kali has arrived, and there's huge wars already taking place within the EVE universe.

December brings the Third Alliance Tournament, spanning over the first two weekends: new ships, new rules, amazing new prizes, and a lot more teams; on top of this, we're bringing in more community experts, more commentators, and a lot more experience.

Up to 64 teams will face each other in a single-fight elimination round of up to seven pilots per team, pitting firepower, tactics and ultimately ISK against each other in brutal gladiatorial combat, captured for your entertainment only on EVETV.

Hundreds will die, billions will be lost, and one team will be crowned Alliance Champions.